"Roberto Clemente is certainly a hero of mine. He did all the right things for all the right reasons.  He gave of himself to help others, especially kids.  I proudly lend my support to the good work done by Roberto's Kids."

Nick Swisher
Right Fielder, NY Yankees

“In honoring the legacy and passion of the late, great Roberto Clemente, the Roberto’s Kids organization brings hope to many young people by providing them with baseball equipment that they may use to learn the tenets of hard work, team play and individual accomplishments that can help shape the course of their future lives.  Mr. Clemente was not only a Baseball Hall of Famer, but he also lost his life in pursuit of his ambition to help those less fortunate than he.  I am very proud and honored to be able to endorse this fine organization as it pursues its’ mission to help those less fortunate to learn and play the great game of baseball.”

Tim Purpura
Executive Vice President & COO, MiLB

"I look forward to working with an organization that offers such a wonderful service to the game of baseball and to the children that love playing the game."

Andrew Weber
General Manager, Connecticut Tigers

"When I was a kid, I played with a stick and hand-made balls because that's all we had. Today, many of our kids in the Dominican Republic can enjoy a better time and a better life playing ball with the help of the equipment from this program ."
Pedro Martinez


"The good thing about this project is that it provides much needed equipment to kids that have the hopes and dreams of playing one day in the major leagues."
Omar Minaya
Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and General Manager
New York Mets

"The game of baseball is universal.  The tireless efforts of Roberto's Kids, led by Steve Pindar, are admirable.  The hard work and dedication put forth will result in giving those less privileged the chance to enjoy the game with proper equipment.  Cooperstown Baseball World, along with their participants, will continue to support these kids who simply look to fulfill their baseball dreams."

Debra Sirianni
Vice President
Cooperstown Baseball World

"Steve Pindar has been able to merge his love and passion for the game of baseball with his love to help others. He saw the poverty level during his visits to the Dominican Republic and he quickly identified the need of baseball equipment throughout the island. I met Steve few years ago, while I was managing the Major League Baseball Office in the DR, and I have seen first hand the impact of his organization there. Since then, I have supported him and I will continue doing so."

Rafael O. Perez
Director of International Player Development
New York Mets

"I truly believe that the Dominican baseball youth would benefit a great deal from this project.  As a kid I dreamed of such an opportunity. "
Tony Fernandez
Former Major League Baseball Player

"Roberto's Kids has brought joy to those who don't always get the opportunities. In the Clemente tradition of giving and caring for others it is truly making a difference by touching and inspiring so many lives." 

Luis R. Clemente
Son of  Roberto Clemente

“Having worked closely with Roberto’s Kids over the past year, it has become amazingly clear how devoted this organization and its leadership is to helping one child at a time.  Having brought the opportunity to simply play the game of baseball now to thousands around the world, one can begin to grasp the impact and inspiration of this wonderful organization.  There is no question that Roberto would have a “tip of the cap” for all of their tireless efforts; and so do I.”

Keenan Longcor
Founder, Friends of Baseball

The Binghamton Mets partnered with Roberto’s Kids for the first time in 2007 and will continue to support the cause for seasons to come. Our fans and organization have responded and are committed to this unique effort to grow the world’s greatest game internationally.

Scotty Brown, General Manager
Binghamton Mets

"In losing Roberto Clemente, we lost more than an incomparable athlete; we lost a man who was committed to working for those too often neglected by society.  Roberto did not live to fulfill his dreams, but through Roberto’s Kids, we can carry on his legacy of social and political engagement.”

Rob Ruck, PhD
History Department, University of Pittsburgh
Published Author, Sport History

"Growing up as a child in Puerto Rico, I always loved hearing stories of the great Roberto Clemente from those who knew him or saw him play.  He was a hero to every youngster who picked up a ball and a bat.  As I became a Major Leaguer, I was always inspired by his athleticism and grace on the field, and his love for children and concern for others off the field.  A great baseball player and even greater person. "  

Bernie Williams, Outfielder
NY Yankees, Retired

"We are truly fortunate to be able to play the game of baseball.  It is important to give kids the opportunity to play this great game who don't have the same resources we do.  Roberto Clemente is a man who used his platform to impact so many people.  Baseball is more than a game it teaches teamwork, character building sportsmanship, and competitive drive.  It is an honor to keep his vision moving forward, and through Roberto's kids help bring this great game to kids around the world." - Doug Bernier, Founder, Pro Baseball Insider

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"Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world
and you don't, then  you are wasting your time on Earth."  - Roberto Clemente

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