Christie and Keith Campbell from Washington, Pennsylvania visited our Program Headquarters to deliver 288 pairs of shoes to be delivered into the Dominican Republic. 

Christie works for the Observer-Reporter Newspaper and saw an article on a local boy colleting shoes for Roberto's Kids as part of his Eagle Scout Project.  The words Oneonta, NY jumped out at her since she grew up just 30 miles away. 

The Campbells made the drive back to Christie's home turf  and personally delivered their donations on behalf of all the families that worked together in PA.  They also made time to join in with Roberto's Kids as they participated in supporting the local Oneonta Fire Department's Father's Day Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser where the proceeds were used to support Hospice and YMCA Summer Youth Camp. 

Download our Program Information Brochure here.

"Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world
and you don't, then  you are wasting your time on Earth."  - Roberto Clemente

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Michael Viverito is a student at St. Hubert School in Northwest suburban Chicago. This young athlete has no problem letting you know that his passion is baseball.

Mike, with the support of his family, selected Roberto's Kids for his 8th Grade Confirmation Service Project. He created his own donation letter and press release so that he could effectively distribute information about his project throughout his community.

When we asked Mike to tell us how his project went he shared, "We were truly inspired by the response from the community, including complete strangers. People, groups, organizations, and companies responded with such overwhelming support that our opinion of the humanity and compassion of society was completely refreshed and reinforced."

We're excited to announce that Mike was so inspired by the response of those who donated equipment that he has decided to commit to an annual collection drive.

From everyone at Roberto's Kids - Thanks Mike! We look forward to continuing to work together.

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Kai-Bat Wooden Bats - premium wood bats for professional use - made in Europe.  The only licensed bats from Europe for european leagues. 

Roberto's Kids is proud to say thank you to Kai-Bat for their international commitment to baseball.  They demonstrated that by donating a shipment of 32 brand new bats from Austria.  

Kai-Bat currently produces Ash and Beech bats.  The material is harvested from local forests.  Every tree is hand selected, as well as the final product - Your Bat!