Roberto Clemente, Jr. pitches in for charitable cause

Clemente Legacy geared at kids

Pindar and Clemente, Jr. make time for kids

Roberto's Kids celebrates Clemente 75th

Kids Helping Kids - Greater Plains 3rd Graders demonstrate their commitment to Community and Social Responsibility

Roberto's Kids partners with World Missions Outreach

The Kelleher Family passes the baton

UNDEMURB entrega utiles deportivos

Roberto's Kids on board for Roberto Clemente Day held at PNC Park

Pats Collect for Roberto's Kids

Trenton Thunder Collects for Roberto's Kids

Philanthropist accepts Midwest Program Coordinator position

Pirates, Baseball Tomorrow Fund to host equipment collection

Roberto's Kids delivers 18 tons of equipment

Oneonta Man Receives SUNY Delhi Merit Award

OCCA Partners with Roberto's Kids

Boy's Bar Mitzvah project bridges cultures

Pindar and Paul Team Up for Shoes

Hartwick Women's Soccer Team works with RK

Binghamton Mets Seeks Baseball Gear for RK

Lexington High School left-handed pitcher and 1st baseman

Equipment volunteer needed to step up to the plate

Hudson Valley Heat announces RK Fundraiser Dinner

Going to bat for Roberto's Kids

Teen collects baseball gear for kids

Rock Cats, NY collection company to collect baseball equipment

Dominican Today, Santo Domingo, DR News

Fondo Comunitario de los Rock Cats se una con Roberto's Kids

Rock Cats Foundation partners with Roberto's Kids

Ancaster man teams up to help Dominican youth play baseball

University of Delaware students collect baseball equipment

Donation makes a hit

Roberto Clemente's Name Still Helping the Less Fortunate

Roberto's Kids featured on

Baseball Hall of Fame endorses Roberto's Kids

Oneonta man works to provide baseball gear

Oneonta man collecting baseball gear for children

"Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world
and you don't, then  you are wasting your time on Earth."  - Roberto Clemente

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