Welcome to our organization!   We are honored to have you along on our journey as we continue the legacy and commitment to social responsibility of the late, great Roberto Clemente. 

The skills an athlete needs to possess to be a vital part of the team are the same skills he needs to be a vital part of his community.  He must recognize and accept the consequences of the actions and decisions he undertakes. (Character, Leadership, Integrity)  He must hold a caring attitude towards himself and others. (Respect and Responsibility)  He learns a strong sense of control and competence, and learns to recognize and accept individuality and cultural diversity. (Sportsmanship)

Growing up with baseball cultivates openness to new ideas, experiences and people.   Together, as a team, the importance of volunteering in social and community activities becomes part of the season and leads to a higher development of leadership, sense of community, and social skills.

Youth baseball organizations strive to develop and maintain a strong connection to their communities.  Ongoing goals and visions are to be an enduring source of pride not only for the athletes, but also for families and the community.

At Roberto's Kids, our global reach and leadership bridges the gap between different cultures through baseball.  Our organization partners with communities as they develop and nurture social responsibility.

We achieve that through the collection and distribution of new and gently worn baseball equipment.  We work with baseball leagues, charitable organizations, individuals and retailers in the United States, Canada and Latin American countries. 

Download our Program Information Brochure here.
“We need to show love and to love, not only our kids and our family as a whole but also our neighbors. We're all brothers and sisters, and we must give each other a  helping hand when it is needed."  
~Roberto Clemente

"Roberto's Kids has brought joy to those who don't always get the opportunities," says Luis R. Clemente, Roberto Clemente's son.  "In the Clemente tradition of giving and caring for others, it is truly making a difference by touching and inspiring so many lives."

Roberto Clemente, Jr. shares that his father would be happy to see what the organization is doing.

"He would be very proud," Clemente Jr. said. "It's something he would absolutely be behind and he would be doing it himself. I'm very proud of what Steve and Lisa are doing. I know dad is looking down right now and he's thanking them because it's a great job and a great thing they are doing."

"Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world
and you don't, then  you are wasting your time on Earth."  - Roberto Clemente

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Roberto Walker Clemente, Jr., Lisa Pindar, Vera Clemente, Stephen Pindar, Luis Roberto Clemente
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