Collective Energy is a Silent Partner

More specifically, collective energy is a silent partner at Roberto’s Kids.  It’s the driving force in all our efforts.  It’s something you don’t think about because you only “see it” in action.  Life moves fast.  If you don’t stop and look around a little bit, you will miss it.

Social and community responsibility comes in any forms.  The stronger we are the better we serve.  The greater our drive, the closer our ties as partners.


Collective energy is the Heart of our Program 

Recently, three young men stepped up and joined the valued list of Roberto’s Kids volunteers in 2018.

We need adventurous, community-service oriented young adults to lead the way for others.  Leading by example is tried and true, and it works!

We see this kind of motivation and devotion throughout our family of program volunteers.

I thought about all the collective energy that is buzzing around our program efforts when I received pictures and a letter from these three amazing young men from Upper Uwchlan Township, Pennsylvania.

We always ask for photos from the volunteer efforts.  Be sure to visit our gallery  where you can enjoy many volunteer moments.

Why do we ask for photos?

If we don’t receive those photos, we don’t have the opportunity to bask in all that collective energy.

Matt Hudachek, Jack Palevich, and Alec Connolly showed up.  Their lead-by-example attitude drove them to look for an organization that would fit well with their charity event.

They wanted to host a charity event that supported an organization that was focused on baseball.

Thanks to Google, these three young men found us and asked if they could name us as the benefiting organization for their charity event.

The project was a huge success and their well-attended charity event had the perfect combination of being well organized and a whole lot of fun.

Along with their donation, Matt, Jack, and Alec shared in their letter, “Thanks to you, we know our donation will be helping those that play a huge role in the continuation of our great sport.”

There it is again.

Collective energy is a silent partner at Roberto’s Kids

Thank you, Matt, Jack, and Alec.  Thank you for selecting our organization and partnering with us.  We are honored to have kept company with everyone who participated in your charity event.

You are Roberto’s Kids and you’re on our team.  You are now part of the driving force that allows us all, together, to take the power and possibilities of community energy and enterprise a make an impact wherever it lands.