Roberto’s Kids moving collected donations to the Angels RBI League

Roberto’s Kids moving collected donations to the Angels RBI League is just one more way our organization is bringing baseball into the lives of children.  Paul Obidinski, Collection Hub Coordinator in Southern California just sent us some pictures taken while Roberto’s Kids was moving collected donations to the Angels RBI League.

The Angels RBI League has provided over 10,000 kids who would not otherwise have the chance, the opportunity to play baseball and softball. It’s a collaboration between Angels Baseball, Major league Baseball, and other youth development agencies throughout the Southern California area. The league specifically targets under-served youth and provides them a comprehensive athletic experience at no cost.

The RBI League’s philosophy is a perfect match to Roberto’s Kids mission

Out on their website they share: “In addition to learning the fundamentals of our national pastime, each participant learns valuable character development and life skills enabling them to gain a sense of belonging, competence, usefulness, and empowerment in their own lives.”

The president of the Angels RBI League, Dave Smith picked up the donations from Paul.  We were able to add into their program inventory more than 600 NEW uniform pants along with chest protectors, cleats, batting helmets, baseballs, and baseball caps.

 Redistributing needed uniforms and equipment is what we do

We do that because our program volunteers are hard at work every day.  This donation moved into the right hands because our collection hub coordinator, Paul Obidinski,  needed to move it quicker than someone was looking for it. 

So, he started scouting his area and came up with this huge win.   We have some amazing folks working alongside us and we just need to take the time to thank them, too.

Growing up with baseball cultivates openness to new ideas, experiences, and people.  Roberto's Kids moving baseball uniforms to the Angels RBI LeagueTogether, as a team, the importance of volunteering in community activities becomes part of the season.  It leads to a higher development of leadership, sense of community and social skills.

Youth baseball organizations strive to develop and maintain a strong connection to their communities.  Ongoing goals and visions are to be an enduring source of pride not only for the athletes, but also for families and the community. One of the ways Roberto’s Kids develops and nurtures social and community responsibility globally is by partnering with volunteers in their local communities. 

Donations amassed from volunteers who are working hard in their communities, and retailers who want to support our mission,  made this redistribution event happen.