Roberto Clemente, Jr.

Dad would be very proud.  It’s something he would absolutely be behind and he would be doing it himself.  I’m very proud of what Steve and Lisa are doing.  I know dad is looking down right now and he’s thanking them because it’s a gerat jbo, and a great thing they are doing.

Luis R. Clemente

Roberto’s Kids has brought joy to those who don’t always get the opportunities.  In the Clemente tradition of giving and caring for others, it is truly making a difference in the world by touching and inspiring so many lives.

A legacy continues

It is an honor and a privilege to continue Roberto Clemente’s Legacy. Our organization has amassed a very large volunteer base, spanning across The United States and Canada.  Everyone is collecting and storing new or well-worn baseball uniforms and equipment which is redistributed to disadvantaged youth in need world-wide.

I have raised my children to fully embrace this very important concept, “You are the company you keep.”

I am honored to “keep company” with all our program volunteers.  Truth is, they are Roberto’s Kids.  They are my team.  Every one of them is the center of our organization’s good work. I will never tire of the opportunity to listen and learn about how an individual or organization would like to work with us.  When anyone asks me why I do what I do, I simply smile and then speak from Roberto Sr.’s heart, “Any time you have a chance to make a difference in the world, and you don’t, you’re wasting your time here on Earth. ”

Social and community responsibility comes in many forms.  The stronger we are the better we serve.  The greater our drive, the closer our ties as partners.

We see this kind of motivation and devotion throughout our family of program volunteers.  They are the driving force that allows us all, together, to take the power and possibilities of community energy and enterprise and make an impact wherever it lands.

Stephen M. Pindar

Founder and President

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