Three Heroes to stand in The Hall Forever.

Those three heroes to stand in The Hall forever are Clemente, Gehrig, Robinson.  “All three men went through a lot to play baseball,” Clemente, Jr. shared.  He continued, “It wasn’t just on the field they left their footprints.”  These legends are now honored with life-size statues.  Three heroes to stand in the Hall Forever is how the MLB article begins.  You can read the entire article here.

At the Otesaga with the Clemente family is our most common get-together location.  When the Clemente’s are visiting New York, it’s commonly in Cooperstown for an event at The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and it’s a short drive for us to arrive and celebrate with them.  This day of celebration was no exception.

Every time Lisa looks at this picture she comments about how it looks like everyone did a wardrobe planning phone call.  It’s just another validation that our friendship and our collaboration was just meant to be.  Everything fits together perfectly.

Three Heroes to stand in The Hall foreverThis visit, the Clementes were here for the unveiling of the Character and Courage Statue.  The statue was donated by Robert Crotty, Founder of the Character and Courage Foundation . The statue is prominently placed in the main lobby where no one can miss it as they enter.  Proudly displayed those three heroes to stand in The Hall forever.

Update added 1/1/2009: So many things to share about the unveiling, I’m coming back here to add in a link written by Paul Post, a reporter for The Saratogian.  It’s another great article about the day’s events and many of the things shared about all three great men.

I never get tired of sitting and listening about Roberto Sr’s life.  I know you’ll enjoying taking in the history of the articles, too.

In and among all the festivities we always manage to find a bit of time to sit and visit with Vera Clemente and her sons.  It’s a wonderful time to share about some of the program events and activities that occurred since the last time we saw her, and also to talk about new things we’d like to consider bringing into our program.

Over time I have come to admire Roberto Clemente, Sr., in a much more informed way.  Listening to the stories his sons share, or the memories Vera Clemente shares, makes me feel like I was there and truly experienced what I hear.

Living as close as we do to The Hall, I have many opportunities to head up to Cooperstown and take in everything about Roberto’s baseball career and history.  I never get tired of the friends and family that share they’d like to go to The Hall of Fame for a visit.  Most of the time I feel like I’m the luckiest man on earth having to take all of them there for the day.

I will never tire of entering The Hall and standing in the main lobby checking in with Clemente, Gehrig, and Robinson.  Everyone got it right with few words.  Three heroes to stand in The Hall forever.

Feature Photo from left to right:  Roberto Clemente, Jr., Lisa Pindar, Vera Clemente, Steve Pindar, and Luis Clemente